Living in a small space is not very common. The average national house size is 767 square feet. There’s a lot of you that live in much bigger houses than that. In fact, we left behind a 1700 square foot house when we moved into our RV.

Many houses have multiple bathrooms. We had a full bathroom and a half bath in our old house.

The average national family size is just over 3 people at 3.23. We are a family of 6.

Our RV, a 36 ft travel trailer, has 1 bathroom. It is also only a whopping 330 square feet!

So just how is it living in such a tight space?

family in a small space

Quite frankly, we love it. We’ve lived in our RV since September 2020. Right now it is just about June 2021. We are rapidly approaching one full year into living in a small space.

The truth is, we had a 1700 square foot house which, in my opinion, is pretty small for a house, but we only utilized maybe half of that. The kids bed rooms were strictly bed rooms. Our bedroom, which was a large master bedroom with the half bath, was just a bed room. We had a giant den as you stepped into our house that we used as our family room. We had a second living room that rarely got used. By my estimates, we likely utilized close to that 767 square foot average with the remaining square footage being used for the empty living room and our bedrooms.

So what is it like for us living in a small space?

My point is, downsizing for us wasn’t a huge deal. We spent most of our waking time at the house together as a family. This usually meant sharing a couch or floor space.

Do we miss being able to spread out? Sometimes. I think the toughest days are those when we can’t go outside due to rain. A tip we have to combat this is to pay attention to the forecast and dedicate rainy days as errand days. Likewise, capitalize on those nice days and spend them outside!

We chose our travel trailer because it has a complete bunkhouse with a door. It also has a floor big enough for the kids to play on and create their own space. If we opted for a toy hauler or a bunkhouse with opposing slides, they’d have even more space.

What are the advantages?

Living in a small space has its advantages. The most obvious one, which could also be a negative, is that we get to see and spend as much time with our children as possible. A small space is also much easier to keep clean. While it takes a few seconds to make it look like a mess, it takes equally as little time to make it clean again.

One of my favorite parts about the RV lifestyle is that our backyard is constantly changing – and we don’t have to do any yard work! Our previous house had a large backyard that required mowing. On top of that, we had several flower gardens and a large vegetable garden. We still travel with a few house plants, but for the most part the only housework we have is routine maintenance and fixing things around the RV.

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