It all started back in the summer of 2018. Our 3rd son was born, and we were both awarded the opportunity of extensive time off from our employers. We spent 8 weeks that summer exploring various locations along the east coast. We spent every waking moment with each other. It was as if we all fell in love with each other as a family. Like a cliché summer love story, this one had an ending. The ending for us meant going back into the rat race and back into the monotony of looking forward to the next vacation.

Family is our why – what’s yours?

Everything in life becomes much easier when you focus on your why. You may have heard this phrase before — perhaps in a motivational speech or leadership training — but it takes on a whole new meaning when you put your Why into everyday life. Your Why is simply put the reason why you are doing what you are doing or moving towards whatever goal you have set.

For us, our Why is simple. We want to spend as much time together, as a family, as possible.

family & life math

For most of us, we all work a job that we may or may not like only to come home, make dinner, get yourself and your kids ready for bed, and then repeat this process the next day. Have you ever added up the amount of time you spend with your family versus the amount of time you spend away from them? And when I say with your family — I mean WITH your family.

Do a simple math problem. I call it Life Math!

I’ll put some averages in parenthesis so I can do this math with you.

Start with 24 hours.

Subtract the amount of hours you typically sleep. (8)

Subtract your working time — including your commute and any time you work at home! (9.5)

Subtract the time it takes you to do daily household chores. (1.5)

You are left with the amount of time you have given yourself to realistically spend with your family. For most of you, this number will be around 5 hours. And this number doesn’t even factor in differing bedtimes. For us, our kids are in bed by 8pm. We go to bed around 10pm. That leaves us with 3 hours. We spend approximately 13% of our day with our children. In an 18 year period, this equals just over 2 years.

THINK ABOUT THAT! In their 18 years of being under our household, we will have accumulated just over 2 years of actual time spent with them.

The truth is, we refuse to make this equation part of our everyday life. We will break the mold and flip the switch.

As a famed RV YouTube couple once said, we have 18 summers with our children — make them worth it.

We will share how we are making this equation look much different.

We will also share our daily adventures and how our new approach towards life has impacted all aspects of our lives.

Stay tuned and grow with us.

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