We were recently given the opportunity to take our boys to Disney World. I don’t know about you, but planning a trip to Disney is daunting in itself. Add in the fact that we had a one day ticket at Disney World and our stress levels were sky-high. We had so many questions that demanded answers. Which park should we go to? Should we park hop? What time should we get there? Where should we park? Is it possible to get it all in one day?

One Day Ticket At Disney World – The Answers

The first question we needed to answer was which park to visit. We definitely used a lifeline here and polled the audience. Our family belongs to a big network of full-timing RV families called Fulltime Families. We also happened to be at one of the busiest RV parks for families in Florida — Thousand Trails Orlando. We asked around and the answer was almost unanimous – Magic Kingdom.

One Day At Disney – Magic Kingdom

So, why did everyone say Magic Kingdom was the way to go? For one, it is iconic. Cinderella’s castle is the epitome of Disney. It is also where you’ll find a lot of the characters we have all grown to love. Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and friends waltz around the place like they own it. Our kids, especially our young ones, were in awe. It also has a great mix of rides and attractions for all ages. Our two oldest loved Big Thunder Mountain, while our youngest really enjoyed the overall park itself.

one day ticket at disney world

Should you park hop?

Absolutely…..NOT. I can not stress this enough. If you have one day at Disney, use that day to take in one park. This was the advice given to us and I wholeheartedly agree. With a one day ticket at Disney World, you simply can not see everything even at one park. If you subtract the hour or so it takes to go to another park, you definitely will not see it all. Remember, the rides generally have long wait times — more on this later — so a lot of your time is eaten up standing in line. It just does not make sense to waste more time traveling to another park. You won’t run out of things to do and see so take it all in!

What time should we get there?

You should plan to arrive no less than 30 minutes prior to the park opening, preferably closer to 45 minutes prior to it opening. We arrived at 8:15am. Magic Kingdom opened at 9:00am. We made it fully into the park around 9:10am, but we had to stop for a stroller rental. We had no down time and did not have to wait for the gate to open. It takes time to get from your parking space to the main gate. You will also have to take a mode of transportation, which is free, to get there. Your options will be the monorail or a ferry. We chose the ferry to get to the park and the monorail to get back from the park. I would say the ferry was a tad faster but not by much.

Parking At Magic Kingdom

As far as parking goes, I highly suggest splurging for Preferred Parking. Preferred parking ranges from $45-50 while standard parking is $25-30. The additional cost will be well worth it at the end of the day. Standard parking is a HIKE from the park and not fun with tired kiddos. Trust me on this, we hate paying for parking but are very happy we went with the closer lot.

Tips for your one day ticket at Disney World

One day at Disney World is an amazing experience. We actually agreed that it was enough of an experience to almost dread doing it in consecutive days. Here are a couple tips we came up with that we felt really saved us:

one day at disney world

One Day Ticket at Disney World – Wrapping it Up

The biggest takeaway from this post should be that you can definitely manage one day at Disney World. You need to choose your park, make a plan, and avoid wasted time. It does not need to be rushed or feel rushed, to see a lot of the park in one day. Regardless of how you plan your day, it will be a magical day full of memories!

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