Full time living in an RV is a lifestyle choice many have chosen and even more lust after. It’s not always glamorous, but the idea of being rootless and nomadic is intriguing for many.

In 2020, we made the leap to full time living in an RV and have no plans to look back. We went from living in a 1700 square foot ranch on two acres of land in the country to 330 square feet. All this while being a rather big family of 6 with two dogs.

A lot of people thought we were crazy. How can you fit that many people in an RV and be happy?

The truth is — we are all thriving. We have never been a closer family (pun intended!). We are intentional with our time and have fallen in love with being together.

The best part is, we are living our lives with our kids versus simply overseeing our kids lives. It is amazing.

But, without further ado, let’s go over the pros and cons of full time living in an RV.

Full Time Living in An RV PROS & CONS


full time living in an rv
  1. You are truly rootless. Feel feel to move about the country.
  2. Don’t like the weather? Move to better weather!
  3. Don’t like your neighbors? Move and find new ones!
  4. You never have to pack for a vacation – your belongings are always with you!
  5. You get to attend awesome RVer events and meet some amazing people!


  1. Unexpected repairs can halt your ability to travel. You really need to prepare to have setbacks.
  2. Saying “see you later” to friends you meet can be difficult, but the good news is you could always meet up or caravan with them down the road!
  3. Travel days can be a lot of work. There’s no way around that. A driveable RV can alleviate that, but for the most part plan to break down and prepare to move for a few hours each travel day.
  4. Living in a small space makes it almost impossible to ignore/bottle up anger. We like this part of the lifestyle though — talk it over and move on!
  5. You have to say goodbye to those retail therapy sessions. You just don’t have the space. Your wallet will love this one.

Full Time Living in An RV – Wrap Up

Living in an RV is not for everyone. But, for most, I believe it is an awesome lifestyle choice. You need to go into this lifestyle choice with the right mindset. It is not an escape from reality. Every day is not a vacation.

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